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Let Levitra Attend Your Sexual Life, Your Mind, Your Health

Who says impotence is a death nail for a man’s love life? This is a myth and the reality of erectile dysfunction or popularly known as ‘impotence’ is not a birth defect or disease. In fact it is a symptom of more serious diseases which ruin the blood vessels and nervous system. There are many diseases causing ED, these particular diseases effect the erectile function because penis erection involves interplay of hormones, emotions, nervous and vascular functions. If any factor fails, the erectile function is bound to be effected.

Main reasons of ED can be divided into two categories: Physical and Psychological. The physiological reasons behind erectile dysfunction according to scientists and medical practitioners are high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes scleroderma (stiffening or hardening of the skin) chronic obstructive pulmonary disease epilepsy stroke multiple sclerosis guillain-barré syndrome alzheimer disease parkinson disease atherosclerosis a history of heart attacks peripheral vascular disease prolonged tobacco use sickle cell anemia leukemia liver cirrhosis kidney failure hemachromatosis hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland) hypothyroidism (under active thyroid gland) hypogonadism (lower testosterone levels) malnutrition zinc deficiency drugs for hypertension, heart disease, antidepressants, tranquilizers, sedatives nerve and vascular damage due to surgery of the colon, prostate, bladder or rectum prostate or bladder alcohol and drug abuse.

The psychological reasons behind erectile dysfunction are Depression or GAD, guilt, stress in the relationship or at work, performance anxiety.

Attend Your Sexual Life
Levitra, the potent pill for erectile dysfunction can give you an erection even in toughest situations like diabetes mellitus, hypertension and even save your heart from heart attacks. If you are experiencing erectile failure, you should go for a thorough physical check up especially if you are not suffering from any disease. You will find that the problem is not there in your penis, but in other parts of your body. You can treat that part of your body and get your erection back naturally…because there are diseases causing ED, while the PDE5 inhibitors like Levitra can look after your sexual life while you get the treatment for the serious conditions. Yes, Levitra ensures a strong erection even if you have any of the above mentioned diseases.Let Levitra Attend Your Sexual Life

The United States of America is now worried about the huge number of baby boomers who are turning 40 + this year. With increasing age, the hormone level in the body decreases and men show physical and mental changes. Their hairlines recede and waistlines expand, they become more sentimental and emotional and experience a loss of libido, so require more mental and physical stimulation for an erection. Levitra can certainly help in this situation too, with growing age; men are victimized by diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems. People now-a-days know the relationship between hypertension and Levitra, and even about diabetes and Levitra and so they are not worried about erectile dysfunction. There is no medicine that can defy age, but men can ensure to remain healthy and happy by using latest medicines and healthy life style. And to ensure good sex till death, Levitra is there.

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