Saturday, 10 February 2018


High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the foremost erectile dysfunction causes and when a person suffers from erectile dysfunction on account of hypertension, he immediately hunts for other suitable anti-impotency measures. Generally all the FDA approved diet pills are effective in treating erectile dysfunction in men suffering from hypertension but clinical analysis indicates that Levitra action in helping blood pressure patients to get rid of erectile dysfunction significantly surpasses the efficacy of Viagra and Cialis.

But how is Levitra different from other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction in men, when the patients are already suffering from high blood pressure problems? The justification on behalf of Levitra as an efficient cure of erectile dysfunction triggered off by high blood pressure is not just my own pronouncement but instead is a result derived by scientists after thorough clinical experimentation. Dr Hermann Van Ahlen carried out Levitra experimentation in Germany on 354 patients above the age of 18 years and found that in spite of anti-hypertensive drugs used by these people to treat their high blood pressure, Levitra worked wonderfully on them and provided considerable relief from erectile dysfunction.

And the other significant fact concerning Levitra is that the medicine acts similarly to the other erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra and Cialis. As soon as you buy Levitra and administer the drug to the system, Levitra inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, ensures smooth blood flow to the penis and makes the patient capable of triggering off erections required for sexual intercourse.

So, if you are suffering from on account of high blood pressure on account of erectile dysfunction, it is preferable to opt for Levitra.

There are many physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction. Most doctors regard erectile dysfunction as a symptom of a greater underlying medical condition. For example, a reduced blood flow to the penis or some nerve damage can cause erectile dysfunction. The good news is that treating erectile dysfunction is not as hard as it used to be.

Bigger medical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction include vascular disease, diabetes, illegal drugs and some prescribed medicines, thyroid and hormonal disorders, nerve disorders, and venous leaks. It can also be due to psychological factors like stress and anxiety or physical trauma like pelvic surgeries, radiation treatments, chemotherapy or spinal injury. If the spinal injury is great, treating erectile dysfunction resulting from this type of trauma may be impossible.

Lack of the mineral zinc can impede the growth and maturation of the reproductive system. It can also interfere with normal reproductive functions and process, including erection, which is an important step in the reproductive process. Deficiency in zinc can even lead to downright impotence. It can also lead to other problems like diarrhea, poor appetite and drastic undesirable weight loss and hair loss. Zinc is very important in the normal functioning of the body and immune system. treating erectile dysfunction often calls for an increase in the patient’s zinc intake.

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